Israel from the Inside, with Daniel Gordis

Alone even here? Israeli authors in the international market. A conversation with Deborah Harris

October 4, 2021

Deborah Harris, the founder and CEO of Jerusalem's Deborah Harris Literary Agency, is without doubt the premier literary agent representing Israeli authors in the international marketplace. In this conversation, Deborah regales us with the story of how she launched her career by following Ehud Yaari into Lebanon in the middle of the war in 1982, desperate to get him to write a book, but instead got herself arrested by the Israelis (she also got the book).

More seriously, she reflects on the meteoric rise in popularity of Israeli authors like Amoz Oz, David Grossman, A B Yehoshua and Meir Shalev, and shares her frustrations that the list of premier Israeli authors contains so few women. And perhaps most ominously, she describes the changes now unfolding for Israeli authors, who are recognizing that their days of having a market and an audience in America are likely behind them.

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