Israel from the Inside, with Daniel Gordis

Tifferet Oriyah - ”The Shabbat Project”

September 20, 2021

What if you know that you want to make Shabbat a meaningful part of your life when you eventually get married and start a family, but also know that the Shabbat that you grew up with in your parents' home isn't for you? How do you learn about what the options might be?

Tifferet Oriyah, 25 years old now, put out a FaceBook posting a few years ago, inviting herself over to people's homes to witness their Shabbatot. She was invited to hundreds, went to 15 ... from Haredi to hypersecular, she saw the full mosaic of Shabbat as its celebrated and honored throughout Israeli society. It as a journey of searching for Shabbat, and for home. 

(Israel, by the way, is still a country in which a young woman can invite herself over to the homes of people she doesn't know and about whom she often knows nothing -- without worry.)

In this conversation, Tifferet shares with us some of what she saw and what she learned about Israeli society through her explorations -- and a bit about the book she's written in light of those experiences. This excerpt is available to all ... the full conversation will be posted on Thursday (delayed by a day due to the holiday of Sukkot) for subscribers to Israel from the Inside


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